Hacks/Hackers Media Party (Mediathon+Hackathon en Buenos Aires)

Hacks/Hackers Media Party (Mediathon + Hackathon en Buenos Aires)

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires is pleased to invite journalists, organizations, software programmers, designers, and editors to a three-day series of talks/keynotes and workshops, and a super hackathon to work towards building the future of the media. Some of the keynote speakers are the members of The Guardian Interactive team (Alastair Dant, Jonathan Richards, Mariana Santos, Alex Graul, Robin Beitra, Nicola Hughs), Tyson Evan, deputy editor for interactive news at The New York Times, Justin Arenstein Knight Fellow digital media strategist and media consultant at Google and ICFJ, and Dan Sinker, director of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project. Further international participants will be announced soon.

The Conference will be coordinated by LibreBus, an Derechos Digitales NGO, Creative Commons and Mozilla project, which comes to Buenos Aires through four latinamerican countries.

The Hackathon conclusions will be especially considered by the Knight Foudnation Prototype program, which grants of up to 50 thousand dollars. Follow the updates on http://hhba.info and http://meetupba.hackshackers.com

Venue: Centro Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3151, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Date: 30-31 August and 1 September

All talks and workshops are of free and public access, expect the workshop led by the team of The Guardian, which has a registration fee. To register for this Conference, visit the website of Hack/Hackers Buenos Aires at http://meetupba.hackshackers.com and confirm for each day separately. To participate in the workshop led by the staff of The Guardian, register through Meetup to be included in a waiting list and you will be contacted shortly by Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires to make the payment. 

Why this Conference?

We have built the largest community of Hacks/Hackers in South America and the fifth largest in the world after the ones in New York, San Francisco, London, and Boston. Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires has 750 members and it keeps growing. Since April 2011, we have organized 13 conferences, hackathons and meetups, and we have supported several programs and projects related to communication and technology. It is about time to come meet us.

Hacks/Hackers is an meetup group for journalists and software programmers to meet worldwide and collaborate in building the future of the media. It is part of a growing organization which first met in San Francisco in 2009 and has now over ten thousand members and almost 40 chapters. It is a non-profit project, with no other affiliations. Hacks/Hackers was created by Burt Herman (Storify.com), Rich Gordon, and Aron Pilhofer of the New York Times, and it is the best networking place worldwide for journalist and technologists to find relations, products, services, and ideas.

Here is a description of the workshop led by the Guardian interactive team

The Guardian Interactive team will present a 6hr workshop where the aim is to guide groups through the creation of interactive content within a multi-disciplinary team: from early concept work through early designs/mock-ups, interaction design, data processing (if needed), and, depending how far teams get, prototyping. The aim of the workshop will be to unmask some of the processes inside a large, media organisation, in particular the adherence to tight deadlines, decision-making, and prioritisation, and to provide support on specific skills, including editing, interaction/motion design, and development.

The end result might be a set of wireframes or, with some luck, a piece with a few moving parts.

You will need to bring your laptop, and lots of energy.

The team is formed of: Alastair Dant – lead interactive developer, Jonathan Richards – interactive journalist, Mariana Santos- interactive and motion designer, Alex Graul – interactive developer, Robin Beitra – interactive and game  developer, Nicola Hughes – from Knight Mozilla program, data researcher.

This team is able to deliver from A to Z any interactive project using data, following the new ways of delivering news, with a sharp eye for innovation.

Conference Schedule

Thursday, August 30th (Talks and Mediathon)

9am – Alastair Dant, The Guardian Team (MasterClass – public access, no fee)

12pm – 6pm – Workshops on dataJ, timelines, mapping, tableau (public access, no fee)

Claudio Ruiz “Hack the law: Creative Commons, resources and free cultur for an open journalism”

Friday, August 31st (Talks and Mediathon)

9am – Tyson Evans, The New York Times (MasterClass –public access, no fee)

11am – 6pm – The Guardian Workshop (registration fee required) + simultaneous workshops (public access, no fee)

Saturday, September 1st (Hackathon)

9am – 6pm Open source tools for an open journalism 

Development of free software tools, map and timeline combinations, tools for journalists, transparency tools. The Hackathon prototypes will be especially considered by the Knight Foundation Prototype program, which grants donations of up to 50 thousand dollars. 

The members of the Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires team are Mariano Blejman, Martín Sarsale, Guillermo Movia, Mariana Berruezo, César Miquel, Ezequiel Clerici, Sergio Sorín, and Andrés Snitcofsky.

Recommended hotel: Ibis Obelisco

Special discounts for participants of Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires

Twitter @HacksHackersBA

mail ba@hackshackers.com

web http://meetupba.hackshackers.com

blog http://www.hackshackers.com

blog local http://hhba.info


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